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There are a number of funding principles which guide the Foundation’s work.  These principles have been established to help the Foundation support the development of broad social movements for systemic political and economic change.

Key principles are to fund the following:

  • Community based organizations working to increase political participation
  • Infrastructure support, building the capacity of grassroots organizations through applied research, media, leadership development, training of trainers, on-site organizational development
  • Networks, alliances, coalitions, collaborations, and action-oriented convenings where organizations intersect
  • New models of sustainable community development that are linked to organizing.

    Together with our funding partners and our grantees, Solidago looks for opportunities to work for fundamental, transformational change, where people’s shared experiences and collective power will result in a better world for all.

Program staff strategically use a cluster approach to funding. Grantees are often part of a network or collaboration of organizations that work effectively together.  The Foundation rarely funds organizations that are working in isolation and/or are unaware of available partners or strategic alliances that might result in change at a larger scale. The Foundation supports horizontal networking and periodical convenings of grantees with similar interests.   During the docket process numerous other criteria are applied by program staff to meet Grantmaking priorities.