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Joseph Rosenmiller






Joseph Rosenmiller, February 25th, 1925 – October 14, 2012










David Rosenmiller

With his father, David Rosenmiller founded the Solidago Foundation, and later the See Forward Fund, to support systemic change in our time.  He directed and served on the boards of the funds for many years, and is now an Advisor. David began his social justice philanthropic work in 1979 with the Haymarket Peoples Fund, where he participated in early donor organizing efforts, and with the Funding Exchange, where he co-founded the Criminal Justice Initiative, a donor and activist funding circle, now hosted by Solidago.

David’s training and background is in Environmental Design and Planning. He has a MA in Landscape Design from the Conway School of Landscape Design and a BA Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic. He has focused on green and net zero energy house design, and on conservation and community oriented residential development. His introduction to activism and community organizing was with the Clamshell Alliance regarding nuclear power, and Boston Urban Gardeners, organizing community gardens.