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As a first-generation Mexican-American, I have lived at the intersection of racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty, to name just a few. But I was lucky. Because of my mother’s focus on education, all of her five children were able to graduate from college and pursue a career beyond what we had to do to survive growing up.

That’s why I’m so passionate about Solidago, and the new work we have ahead. Building on over two decades of powerful organizing and innovation, we are recommitting to a central goal: a unified front working toward truly representative governance.

Working closely with field and funder partners we are intensifying our unique position to diversify existing change strategies. That means taking a leadership role in new projects that accelerate collective impact, while still committing to funding bold grassroots leadership and cutting-edge ideas.

It shouldn’t take luck to be able to thrive in this country. Thank you for joining us. Together, we can build a stronger, more creative, more vibrant, more sustainable, and more sustaining, world for all.

– Elizabeth Barajas-Román, Chief Executive Officer